I recently recorded some new and old songs of mine onto tape in a couple of sessions at home. The idea was to capture some 'in the moment' recordings for release that were stripped down, raw and had an old school analogue warmth about them. 'The Saturation Sessions' is a result of these recordings, lo-fi and honest - if you listen closely you can hear the whir of the reel to reel tape machine in the background, it doesn't get much more 'real' than that!

Twelve songs compiled from 'straight to tape' recording sessions made on an Akai GX-4000D Reel to Reel recorder and two vacuum tube microphone pre-amps. Mastered using a Behringer Compsoser Pro Compressor/Limiter and Ultragraph 62 Band Equaliser.

Pre-order CD, Cassette, Digital and T-Shirt options available now from Bandcamp

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